Redwood Community Health Coalition (RCHC)’s 4-Point Evidence-Based Care (EBC) program framework includes four areas where RCHC and member health centers collaborate to improve population health outcomes. The EBC program framework advances practice transformation through collective leadership and the implementation of evidence-based care. The EBC programs seeks to improve care and outcomes through shared clinical guidelines, greater standardization of the electronic health record and use of clinical decision support tools, sharing of best practices, and population health and quality improvement support.

RCHC’s 4-Point Evidence Based Care Programs:

  1. Shared Clinical Guidelines and Protocols – Agreed to by RCHC Medical Directors for each member health center.
  2. Clinical Decision Support and Analytics – Recalls, Alerts, Order Sets, Templates, Standard Reports.
  3. Shared Best Practices – Peer Network meetings and RCHC documented Promising Practices.
  4. Population Health and QI Support – Provider/Staff Education and Technical Assistance
EBC Diagram


Clinical Guidelines

Cardiovascular Health (PHASE, Hypertension and Diabetes)

Cervical Cancer Screening

Gastronenterology (Colon Cancer Screening, Cirrhosis Management and Hepatitis C)

Opioid Prescribing (includes Buprenorphine Treatment Guideline)

RN Standardized Procedure Templates

Clinical Decision Support

Shared Best Practices

Promising Practices:

Promising Practice Health Center Templates 2019

Cervical Cancer Screening

Child Health

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Dental Sealants for Children 6-9



Quality Improvement and Panel Management

Social Determinants of Health

Team Based Care

Tobacco and BMI Screenings

Population Health and Quality Improvement Support