Advocacy is at the core of providing quality, affordable, and accessible health care in our community.

Engaging in advocacy allows us to shape the public debate on important public policy issues – such as health care, immigration, housing, etc. – and ensure that our health centers and their patients have a voice in the policies that impact their lives.

The term “advocacy” encompasses a broad range of activities (including research, public education, communication, and voter education) that can influence public policy. Most people think of “lobbying” when they hear the term “advocacy.”

However, advocacy also includes regular people – like health center staff, patients, community members – contacting their lawmakers and sharing their perspective.

Advocacy cannot be done alone – it is a team sport. We need to raise our voices together to make sure we are heard and remain a priority for each of our legislators.

What do I do now?

  • Sign up for our Grassroots Action Network, called CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates
  • Attend an advocacy training
  • Educate yourself on our state and federal public policy issues
  • Take action when asked

Contact Bethany Snyder, RCHC’s Advocacy Consultant (, for more information or for more actions you can take!

RCHC Advocacy Committee

Our Advocacy Committee is imperative to helping implement our grassroots advocacy program and have a strong presence in Sacramento and Washington, DC. We welcome and encourage all of our health centers’ participation and engagement.

Contact Bethany Snyder, RCHC’s Advocacy Consultant (, if you want get involved.

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