What is NorCalResources.com?

NorCalResources.com is an online directory that lists free and reduced cost social service programs in our community. This resource makes it easy for organizations helping people with social needs to find and make referrals to the appropriate programs and services. It also provides several functionalities for an organization to share concise and accurate information about their programs as well as a built-in referral system.

How Does Aunt Bertha Play A Role?

Aunt Bertha is the online resource database which powers NorCalResources.com. It is a national company that stores information about available resources and social programs across the country. NorCalResources.com is the customized online directory we created on the Aunt Bertha platform for the communities we serve in Sonoma, Marin, Yolo, and Napa counties

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Toolkit for your use!

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Thank you to County Medical Services Program (CMSP) for supporting this project.