Redwood Community Health Coalition supports The California Endowment’s Health Happens Here program.  A description of the program follows, and more information is available at www.calendow.org.  For a video about Health Happens Here, please click the Health Happens Here logo.

The California Endowment is a private, California-focused health foundation that fights to expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved communities, and invests in fundamental improvements for the health of all Californians. Founded in 1996, The California Endowment supports the Health Happens Here campaign which is reframing the conversation around health care from medical settings and individual choices to the idea that our health happens in neighborhoods, schools, and through aggressive prevention measures.

Health Happens Here means that living healthy requires much more than receiving care at the doctor’s office. To the contrary, every moment of the day, our surroundings affect how long and how well we live. That’s why The California Endowment fights to transform neighborhoods and schools into places where health happens, as well as to support the successful execution of health reform that emphasizes prevention and expands health coverage to uninsured Californians.