Covered Sonoma is involved at all levels in the enrollment effort in Sonoma County.  Our community health coverage collaborative is comprised of over 30 organizations that have historically led the way in outreach and enrollment efforts with substantial success.  We have set the standard for robust coordinated enrollment initiatives and are regularly sought out for our wide range of collective experience.

Covered Sonoma is directly engaged in outreach and enrollment activities through a grant focusing on eligible uninsured  families.  Our partner organizations have unique and trusted relationships in local communities to start a real conversation about what coverage means and what options are available. We have robust grassroots networks that allow them to build meaningful relationships with families and their children in creative ways, engaging in outreach and enrollment where the need is greatest, meeting families where they are: in schools, clinics, community fairs, grocery stores, etc.  These connections are forged through respect, putting in the time it takes to establish a trusted community voice and channeling resources to the outreach and enrollment workers who are able to help uninsured individuals enroll in coverage.

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Healthy Kids Sonoma County is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to achieving 100% health care coverage for all Sonoma County children, from prenatal through age 18. Working with community partners, Healthy Kids specially trained, bilingual/bicultural staff reaches out to families in Sonoma County who need information and assistance in enrolling their children in affordable health insurance plans, including prenatal coverage for pregnant women. Just as importantly, the staff follows up with families to ensure they are using their children’s coverage and keeping their children enrolled.